Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Let's be mean and laugh

Say cheese! Suckers!

Happy fishing!

I pity you.

Pawned!! (personally my fav LOL gotta love them kids)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's with telling the whole world about events in your life on msn?

I'm getting irritated by something - Msn nicks!

I mean it's ok if you have stupid nicks like 'assformoney', but really, the nicks that get to me are those that go,

'nick'- Saw this reallie cuteee guy today! O.o
'nick'- I miss you so much it makes me cry =((( sobsob
'nick'- I am not online...
'nick'- Hahaha, this stalker wrote about me, whata Loser!
'nick'- spent $3 on cab fare, beat that
'nick'- eating my oyster mee sua =))
'nick'- is very happy with his TAKE THAT cd
'nick'- I love onion rings!!!
'nick'- I must sleep before 11pm

You might just as well put in, '-aFk cos sHiTtiNg nOw mah ;p'

It's like HELLO? What makes u think I wanna know if you've just had someone stalk you or if you just had that plate of wonderful mee sua?

Msn nicks used to be simple affairs. Now, they do so much more. The nicks are there to impress onto others the kind of mood that the particular bugger is in. But thing is, if you're sad enough, then why in the world would you want others to know that you're sad? To spread the sadness around? To me, it'd just be some cheap attention seeking stunt to make yourself feel better.

Msn nicks can even be used to trigger breakups man. Here's an example, "all the stupid things I do has absolutely no reflection on how I feel about you" Damn. I tot SMS was bad enough, now you have msn nicks as a means of communicating the death of a relationship.

Oh yes, I'm not forgetting all the public apologies that you get to see on msn nicks. I'll be the first to admit that I was guilty of that too. But I find it stupid now. If I'm truly sincere, then I'd not only say it straight, but also keep it strictly personal too. Telling the whole world you're sorry doesn't mean anything except to show that you're looking for the empathy or even sympathy of those around you. Makes you feel good I know, when you think people look onto you as this poor guy trying to make amends. But it's all bullshit to the person you've actually hurt, so remember this.

Ok. Feeling better now.

^GarRry- goInG to stUdy LiAo thEn maybe will Play SomeMoRe Dota kAee

Irritating right?? Yea.