Saturday, September 30, 2006

Old times

2nd from left, that's me. I like to revisit the past. My bro(4th frm left) looked so punchable then.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

for the gamers


was a waste of money and time.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

moviemovie + thoughts

Let's hope friendswithmoney is gonna be good. Such shows never did appeal to me man. But then Rob-b-hood looked bloody stupid so we're like left only with this. Pray let it be good. Actually, the only thing going for it so far is that it's m18.

Ok. I just saw the trailer for friendswithmoney. I just hope that the seats are cosy enough... zzz

That reminds me, there was a time when I couldn't even watch nc16. The hell, missed halle berry's boobies while Vemalan was able to snook his way in. And now! m18 also no prob! R21, still have to wait. But then again, with the internet, R21 shows are way too mild. pffftt.

Spent last night trying to be um cheerful and all? But it was easy actually cos when you have someone crapping and giving u lameshit throughout, you just get so infected. Maybe, that's why man, dunno.

But yea, it was clear and I already understood it like a few days back, so yest was just affirming in a way. Which sorta reminds me of biz law project. Which again reminds me of acct and IT projects too.

But I'm not yielding.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I thought it was gonna hurt

But nah, it didn't.

Ok it just reminds me, I feel gay now.

We swim and tan, have breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper together. Plus movies, shopping and soccer betting. But I didn't feel gayness then.

Today is a bloody gay-day though. 2 guys going for piercing, with the same exact earstuds, cos there were like zero choices left.

I feel... dirrrtty.

On another note, what does single but unavailable really mean?

Friday, September 22, 2006


Great. So what's wrong with me being deep in thought. Stop looking at me as though I'm behaving weird. Cos I was not!

I didn't realise last night just how some things can change the mood for supper so drastically. And no, wai, I'm not in depression. Just cos you saw me doing tt shit a few months back, doesn't mean I'm always like that when I go silent. Plus, I wasn't mumbling dude, was just tired. Wanted booze, but they didn't sell beer. Incredulous. Yea, beer could always be bought elsewhere, but the mood was gone, no one seemed to want to drink anyway.

I was so tired, I didn't even comment on probably the ugliest pair of pink shoes I've ever seen. It looked so.. eighties. Was it really yours?? Hahah it's funny actually, damn, now I think those slippers I bought were just too good for you.

Only sim seemed to at least uds why I wasn't noisy last night.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some people are just so difficult to fathom.

They're brrr-ing cold in their msges, and then the next moment in real life, they turn out to be so much 'nicer'. I find it very fake la..

Especially when they have new friends beside them. Like wth are you trying to proof. That you're always so chummy with people around you? Pretentious shit.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Updates updates

Was walking out of ab113 sem,

"are you two together?"

"huh? why'd you say that?"

"cos both of you look very ai mei together"

I think I smiled...

P.s. Does this count as an update? hur, Your turn!

Friday, September 15, 2006

I think I'm screwed.

You just remind me of everything.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Grandma's condition is better now. Though she still has pneumonia, basically everything's fine. Doc said to expect her to be discharged by next week. That's great news, but in the near future, she still has to have her gall bladder removed. But we'll leave that aside for now. Nice, I'm glad she made it through with all those complications.

Caught Barnyard today with aaron, chris and 2 kids in tow. I guess they found it pretty funny. Drove mer's car too. Got lost, but glad we found our way in the end. Then got lost again..

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The ride home

It was past midnight and there were not many cars left out there on the roads, so I thought she could handle it. After all, someone's been bragging about how daddy was so proud of her. Haha.

That first bump over the kerb, it sure wasn't nice. But yea, there was that bus blocking ur way, so maybe I can understand.

That part where you didn't notice the red arrow at the traffic junction, and thought that the green light would allow you to turn right. Well, we were all lucky there. Still want your andersen's? Make it less 1. Damn. By now, we're like all super awake.

When we thought that all was fine, you made us jump once again when you actually wanted to use the incoming lane to turn into a roundabout. What were you thinking... Sleepy!

But, we don't blame you. Just practise more!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I hope granma will be fine. I WANT her to be fine.

I don't pray usually, but I'm gonna start now. Pray, granma that you'll be fine...

How the hell am I gonna go on with my Fm. No fucking mood.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Late for class!!

Added link to Mer's blog. Ok your turn to update!

Was super late today for class. But damn, that tutor was cute. I like plump frens. Hahhaa so cute man. Reminds me of j**. That fat ass.. enjoying himself in nus. Having an illicit relationship with his cousin. He was like telling me how happy he was to be with his cousin. WTF. His COUSIN! And the age gap.. omfg. You are one crazy sick asshole. Luckily you share your stuff with me. I'm so glad I have happening stories to tell all my newfound friends in ntu. =)

I hate it when you're unsure about so many things. It's like backseat driving. You're just being led along. The wheel is just so not in my hand. Or so I choose to believe. Projects, tutorials, quizzes.. Bah!!
I'll take charge soon enough though.. gotta start cracking my butt off or face those Cs..

On the way hm, was talking to XiQian about the girls in our tut grp today. Who's prettier, who's happening, who's hotter. Then there were the rankings. Superficial? Yup. We all are. Then I came up with a theory.

Guys are more superficial then girls.

Gal is ugly. Guy likes gal's character, but will never consider her.

Guy is ugly. Gal likes his character, and slowly falls in love with him.

Ask around. Get a guy to admit that his gf is ugly, and you get a treat from me. Now, girls are apparently better cos they'll go "oh, he's not my type, but he just won me over with his sincerity" *silly grin.

Awww.. but there're always exceptions la.