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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bon Voyage Charmaine!

You might be at the airport surfing the net... who knows

Take care over there in the States.

And I wanna hear about how they're gonna change your accent after 4 months. hahaha


Growing up is a pain in the ass. Give me back my happy meals, transformers, wang wang nu nai, my power rangers and easy to score exams. I want my childhood to last. And all those ard me too. I don't want change.

Hearing grandma say she's gonna pass me her goldchain is heart breaking, wrenching and saddening all at the same time.

It's like hearing last words. Seeing her in such a fragile state, having trouble opening even doors, I've realised that I never did treasure her in the past. Even up till now, I have no idea how to endear myself to her. All I can do is look at her out of the corner of my eyes and hope she's feeling fine. But those words she spoke to my mum scared the shit out of me and made me worry and think. All this while, I just kept quiet.

"I'm scared. I can't even open doors easily. When I told the doctor, he was concerned about it too"

"I'm giving zhi hao(me) a gold chain. He's my eldest grandson. I got it years back and it was expensive", and she smiled.

All this while, I just kept silent. I didn't know what to say.

I know she's preparing for something. And I know what she's preparing for. But it's really sad how I can't seem to communicate with her. I can't even speak her dialect well.

And all I can do is,

"Ma, come to my room, lie on my bed and sleep, take care..."

I knew I should have stayed for dinner with her and the rest of the family. But I had a birthday party. And I truly wanted to have fun that day too. But, I'm sure that, from this moment, for every gathering, I'll try my best to go. Days might pass quickly for me, and missing 1 gathering might not be a big deal. But for grandma, I think I finally understand, every gathering is 1 more day of bliss with her children and grandchildren. I wouldn't want her to feel lonely. Not anymore. Since I now understand her fears, her wishes and her love for us.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My super ex-girlfriend

Nice show. Almost every single scene will alude to sex. The scene where they banged till the bed collapsed was really funny. Crazy fun.

Scene - When the bed collapsed
Super gf: Oh dear! I'm sorry about it! Don't worry, I promise I'll replace it for you...
Lead: My penis or the bed?

Hahaha dudes, you'll like it. Not sure whether babes out there will take to it though.

I'm happy today too. I might be wrong about it or I might just be right, but no matter, it just feels gd knowing my gift didn't go unappreciated.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bandits made good

Once upon a time, in a world long before our time, there existed 2 different groups of bandits. The first group were the roving bandits. They would move from city to city, pillaging every single item from each village. They left no stones unturned, and kept moving on to terrorise different villages.

Then there were the stationary bandits. They would stay in a particular village, and would rob its villagers periodically with the aim of long term benefits unlike the roving bandits who had a short term view of things and would clear the whole village out instead.

As time passed, the stationary bandits became more organised and efficient. They resided in villages, with the aproval of the villagers themselves. How? They promised to protect the villagers from the roving bandits. The only downside was that the villagers had to pay tributes to the stationary bandits yearly.

One day, one of the senior member of the stationary bandits had an idea. Let's give ourselves another name instead of 'Bandits'. Let's call ourselves The Government. Let's also change the term of paying Tributes to paying Taxes.

It sounds really nice now, doesn't it?


School is getting better everyday. Things are becoming clearer. I'm getting lost only once on avg everyday. The lecturers are clear, coherent and thankfully Singaporean. I'm comfortable with the people around me. The timetable is really nice. School is not bad at all.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Azar Azar Fighting!!

Joe, you arsehole. I will prove you wrong. I'll stuff all my grade As up your ass at the end of this sem. =)

I have a feeling you're gonna be so bloated from your behind.

Hehs. Thanks brudder for giving me the motivation I needed.

Ok! Study hard!! Fighting!! I really do love 'Full House' btw.

Okies, time to bury my head in AA101 Accounting 1. AB102 Financial Management. AB107 Business Law. Exciting.

At least a reply, no?

I'm all flustered wondering if she had even read my mail.

Who am I to you actually?

Just this question.

I really want to know.

Monday, August 07, 2006

First day of Sch

Had my first day of sch today. No lessons. Just some games and stuff to maybe get to know my tutorial group better.

Nothing much to say about it.

Uni could be better.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Old friends

Went to Charmaine's Farewell cum Birthday party. Hahaz, it was like a super duper advanced birthday party seeing that she came into this world only 1 day before me. And my birthday is in NOV. Hahaha, but whatever it takes to make her happy la! So.. Charmaine reads my blog. Very honoured.

The "birthday" girl looked so much better with contacts, hahahz and she seems a tad more feminine yesterday. Must be the hair and dress. Met up with some old classmates too. Peiwen is so pretty now! But oh wells, she's too tall.

It's been 3 years since we last met as a class. Wouldn't say that I really missed them all, but the feeling was good seeing that we spent 2 years as jc mates, fooling around in sch, having pillow fights in the student's lounge blah blah..

More of such gatherings please.

p.s. Charmaine, have a safe trip to the states and I'm pretty sure you'll make many new friends over there who will celebrate your 21st birthday with ya!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm ashamed of myself man. Bloody just can't seem to speak in chinese well. Today we presented our policies to this group of chinese speaking Malaysians working in Spore. My job really was to assist them in filling up the forms and to address some of their questions.

I just snooked my way through, pausing at least once every min to think through what I'm gonna say next as my brain furiously tries to recall all those chinese words I've learnt.

Scenario 1. Last week. A Chinese Lady.

Speaking in Chinese : "Can you explain this to me?"

FARK. What's the chinese word for "policy"?? In the end, I used JI4 HUA4. SIBEI MALU LA! Dunno why the hell I used this word. Ji4 Hua4 means 'Plan' if I'm not wrong.

Scenario 2. Today. A M'sian Chinese male.

Speaking in Chinese too: "Can you explain and READ out this questionaire for me?"

HONG GAN liao. Want me to explain, I can still bluff my way through. You want me read! My standard at reading chinese words is worse than those sec sch kids la. So I nervously told him to hold on a min, I'll get my colleague to read out for him. Hehs, that guy was f**king blur-ed out with my chinese before that anyway.

Scenario 3. Today. Chinese male too. Helping him fill up his form.

Reading out for him the wordings in the form was sheer torture. I stuttered my way thru, then I did a quick recap of what I've said, and I realised I didn't even uds half of what I've said to him. No wonder he looked lost. lol got so nervous I explained something wrongly to him. Then a full timer took over from me in helping him fill up his form. Guess what, when the full timer corrected my mistake, that guy just blanked. This shows he didn't even farking understand me in the first place la!

Hais I want to be able to speak Chinese confidently. It's not only impt, it's vital too for my career.