Saturday, July 29, 2006

feeling sick

Woke up today with an itching throat and a headache. Turned feverish later in the day.

Still awaiting the birth of my sea monkeys. But I don't think it will happen anytime soon. =(

Why doesn't panadol clear my headache. Feeling heavy and groggy. PLUS had to deal with this shop that sold my brother some expensive(3 figure sum) fish equipment that did not live up to expectations. Bloody angry, plus f**king sick now.

The item was bought 2 days ago. Then we discovered it couldn't perform well, and so we brought it back to the shop today. They didn't want to change it for us, and instead asked us to go see the supplier. So I was f**king pissed. Aren't they supposed to change it for us since it's less than 3 days old. Nvm. I called up the supplier, and he said he would liasion with the shop on this coming Monday. Come Monday, if they still don't bloody do anything about it, I will then turn nasty. You buggers, trying to push the responsibility around. I swear I'll get back a gd working set from them.

urgh... sick

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


actually up till now, i still dunno what's your reason for breaking up.

but i will always remember you as the sweet girl i met on the first day of my first job.

i can say things but not mean it. but i mean what i say here.

this relationship shaped the way i feel about how a rs should be for me now. i'm grateful we were once together. i'm also grateful we parted ways.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm thinking of a person right now.

She's enchantingly ravishing and possesses highly interesting nonchalant elegance.

I'm hopeless. hahahh.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sunday, July 16, 2006


potluck yest was nice in many ways. met up with almost all the pioneers from my batch. then just chatted till i think 10pm.. imagine the noise man... 15, including our very own staff tan, guys talking all at the same time.

will not forget them lol

Friday, July 14, 2006

potato salad

Had to prepare something for tml's potluck at shawn's place. So....

Looks good not? Haha act i don't think so but it definitely tastes great! I made it! But with help from someone too la. Haha and today was like a lesson in home economics.

We were at cold storage, "auntie, which potato can be cubed, which one is the mash type ah?" Our lesson began that very moment. Or at least for me la. I learnt that potatoes from USA are those softer type and potatoes from australia can be a little harder.

"potatoes with less eyes are less poisonous" lol ok la, I choose to believe her...

Then we went ard looking for mayo and bacon bits and eggs.

After that it was home to boil and then mix the potatoes with eggs, bacon bits and mayo. It was fun cos at least I had someone to do it tgt with me. Haha AND she really helped me alot cos I didn't know even simple stuff like when the eggs and potatoes would be fully cooked...

Thks alot sera!

Monday, July 10, 2006

what after the world cup?

hoping to go swim with wai on tues

gonna go catch pirates with char next wed

then going for insurance training next thurs

coming sat, potluck at shawn's place


could it be...

the world cup is over

lol I'm feeling dejected and lost without it.

I really need to have something to do everyday. If not I'll most probably end up suffering from depression and go hiding in the toilet once every 13.52min to cry out loud. For the dim-witted, I'm just trying to be funny. Don't think this is funny? Yea, you're dim.

Point is, I'm sitting at home now, typing away cos I can't get to sleep. Why? That wc final. Italy won. Yes. But more importantly, someone tried to hit onto sim?? LOL erm, IMHO, I think she was looking to earn some quick bucks. LOOKED pretty much lk a Stu*y MaM* to me. I mean wth was that lady in her middle age doing thr at safra on the wc final screening night?? She didn't look THAT interested in the match. Hohoho, maybe she didn't hit onto me cos she thought I was underaged... hmmm...

Yesterday's concert at ulu pandan cc was ok. Those girls were brave. Imagine trying to organise your very own concert. Nice work thr.

Are girls from choir artistic? LOL ask me. I've HAD FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. Twice.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

when you're in love, you think the world of her.

so you put in both time and effort,

thinking you'll get closer to her this way.

nothing fazes you, cos you think it's all worth it.

one day, just one day, you're gonna touch her.

not CARESS! but touch her heart!

the first date. you think it's super!

but wait.

was it a date?

she didn't think so.

Different Expectations.

then heartbreak comes a knocking once again.

-For all you guys out thr. Don't be a loser! Recognise the situation!