Friday, June 30, 2006


Can't stand it. Just like what I told sim. The cfm look. Kaoz. Now I know better.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

What if girls were to serve our nation?

Haha, make sure you watch till the end. I can really identify with them. LOL! A reversal of roles. What if girls had to do chin ups in camp while guys are the ones still studying? What if they sprouted foul words while all the guys are still like nuns outside?

Haha so girls! You got the better deal. Don't argue.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Added link to xiAnie


I won $150 so far from the world cup. nice? The thing is, the more I win, the less I'm willing to take bigger risks. I have this feeling that I'll lose big soon. So, I just don't bet when I'm not confident. haha it's quite common sense.

Went and bought davidoff's coolwater today, it smells so manly. hahaha. I'm growing up nicely.

Uni is starting soon, and I guess I can't shake legs anymore come august. So who wants to shake legs together with me now?? Haha, we'll be so happy shaking legs together. Shaking our legs all day looong...

Sigh, xianie placed the link to my blog at such a LOW position. lol.

Also, remember the cookies I tried to bake? Well, they turned out very nicely done with the exception of the first batch. Uncle Gary's Famous cookies will be famous throughout the world! The name already says it all. Quality cookies with a quality name. It can never go wrong!

My very first cookies. Chao ta ones. *I hear some sniggers*
Of cos la, the 2nd batch was much nicer...

Ok, time for soccer. =))

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Karin's birthday surprise

Karin thought it was just gonna be me and her celebrating, but in the end all of them came when she was looking at the menu. Holding a lighted bday cake, we sang her a bday song in the restaurant. Haha, what a surprise man..

Hahaz! I knew I did a lousy job trying to keep it a secret.. but at least I hope you were touched. I think you were touched la... anyway here're some of my classmates from nyjc 1st 3 mths. The girls are quite pretty now hor? heh

And, Karin's the one on the rightmost.

Me? You better recognise me dudes!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Baking my cookies

Ok! *rub hands* I must get down to baking my cookies.. hahah

Been delaying it since yesterday. The thought of cleaning up after everything is always so tiring. That's why I'm still not doing it.. but don't really have much time left, so I'll just have to get started.

Also, I just visited the blog that me and my ex created for ourselves. This is bloody top secret stuff I'm talking about. Haha cos only the 2 of us know about it. But had no heart to read on, it's all in the past le.. but to me, once I really really like someone, then there'll always be a place for that someone in my heart even yrs after.

I'm talking about this cos of a show I watched yest, shall write about it AFTER I bake those cookies.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

later am going out to get some ingredients and hopefully i'll find a ready set kinda box where they provide u with both ingredients and also instructions. i'm gonna bake some cookies or maybe brownies. My first time ever.

also, just wanna thk sera for accompanying me to town to get some stuff. i would be totally lost if there were no one beside me man. luckily, i had this gal who knew quite alot about such things with me on tt day! i hope she's feeling better today.

thk to bizhu too, for going with me to sentosa. hahaha although yea i think it was more fun to be performing then just being on-lookers.

oh ya, and i'm out of a job now. i quit my previous job after 2 days. it felt lk doing push ups for the whole damn day! bloody hard labour la. couldn't stand it, so i quit. but i left the company on amicable terms.

am trying to organise sth special now. heh heh so hopefully everything will go smoothly and let that day turn out to be a fun one for us all.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

first day at work

it sucks.. doesn't need grey matter. just manual labour. pasting labels, moving stores. for this, i get $50 a day. for a 5half day week, it'll add up to $1.2k. it's because of this money that keeps me going.

makes me feel under-used. but oh well, i do like the smell of cash =)

anyway I'm gg to sentosa this sunday. who else is going?? Balloon Hat Fest.

oh ya, if sim is reading this, then i will say that i'm enlightened le. think and think and think, bloody hell, i think i finally got it. hahaz, imagine i'm a boat, trying to sail against the current to this beach, then i think i'm closer to shore! but no! the current pushes me back again. useless, hopeless, fruitless, i rather go out to sea again la. =))