Monday, May 29, 2006

Today is my ord.




I'm out of the army at long last. Freedom to dig my nose. To stand on 1 feet. To lean against the wall. To shout at will. Basically, I'm back to where I was 2 yrs plus ago. But then this time I feel a little bit slow with stuff related to studies. Girls my age are already in their 2nd yr of uni.. god, and I only have an Alevel cert. Makes me feel slow. But my consolation comes from those juniors who are still stuck in that place I called 'home' for the past 2 yrs. Hahaz just wait a little bit more. Just put up with a little bit more of shit. Your day will come, just as my day has come. I expect congratulations to fall in quickly. Fall IN! Lol. I'm gonna cont using some army terms.

" Mum! Dont worry la, I'll sleep by 2359 "

" WHAT? U cant expect me to book in by 0200 "

Hahaz oh yea and also without the army taking up my time, I can go find a nice, cute and sweet gf! Hahaha It sucks to have a relationship while you're serving ns. I just booked out frm changi, went home to yishun for a quick change of clothes, and I'm off to city hall again. And she expects me to walk all the way to suntec. Just to walk back again to city hall. I'm dead tired ok! That's why I guess I lacked what she termed as concern. =) What is concern to her sia? I go all the way to city hall at 10pm just to send her home. Isn't this concern? Lol, I just have to let it out...

Romance aside, I'll have more time for friends too. I want Sakae again! Who's interested? I kept thinking of sushi today. From morning until now. Lol don't I sound like a pregnant woman with all her cravings!! You just have to eat, my people. Eating is gd! If you say it's not gd, then you dont eat lor. See? Case proven. Hehz.

I can't believe my mood now. It's like I'm on ecstasy, thou I've nv tried one. hahahz

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Tomorrow, I'm booking in.. wait.. wrong choice of words. Tml, I'm visiting my camp again. Hahaz to get my pink IC. Oh my dear pink IC, I've missed you so badly. No more an nsf after tml. I'll be back to being a civilian.

Time really passes by so quickly. I'm gonna miss all my idiotic and crazy ass friends in the army. Especially this guy named joe. What he did in Penang was so cool (want me to elaborate?), and another time he almost cried cos of a prank, and and and.... so much more. Kaoz, he's almost like a clown man. Hahaahah.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Trip to the Zoo!

Went out with sera today to the zoo. And we took many pics, but those animals, hahaha they make me feel like squeezing them! Lol, below are some nice pics of their BUTTS! Enjoy!

Sera here, taking pictures of footprints on the ground. Very cute... haha


Let me call it my lucky eight. Lol, pretty not?


Look HerE, Urgh!! Couldn't get its front shot, so i decided to just capture its butt for the sake of taking a pic.


Ass Parade dudes... see the neatness? Those lines.. sexy... LOL!


HAHAHA now this one's my fav! LOOK at the butt.. Swollen, red and ugly but it's like so mouth poppingly attractive.


"don't mind me! *shy*"

Hahaha. Nice not those butts? They were really cute la.. just that i sorta pity them. For they can never go to orchard rd to shop. And they are always naked. ;) Saw this poor mule and a hinny shivering. Really quite a sad sight.

And there were really many kids visiting the zoo too! Alot of pri sch excursion during this period i guess. So cute, i wish i could go up to them and squeeze some of their cheeks..

Overall quite an interesting day =)

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mi3 anyone? Not today thou.. have to visit grandma in hospital.

Time just seems to float by when you have nothing to do. lol, I'm quickly losing track of the days in a week. After all, everyday is pretty much the same.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pictures from Brunei

Finally I got those pics..

Gonna show some to you guys =)
Btw, those jungle pics look like shet, so i'm not posting them.
Hahahah, gotta keep up the image!

Beside our lovely bunks. Much better than in Spore. Seriously.


Us, with the canteen ladies. They're always using their phones too! Lol. And they're ssshy.


The prata man! I had prata almost everyday while I was thr. Grown so sick of it, I didn't have prata for like 4 months after that.

Sigh. Time passes by so quickly. I wish I were still in the army... yes, I'm being sarcastic over here. ;)))