Sunday, October 30, 2005

Clara, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! Hahaz those guy friends of yours must be crying now. Wallet so light.

I pity them actually. But well, you're the birthday girl. Happy Birthday =)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

brunei then genting

Will be going to brunei from 5th to 15th dec. Then to genting frm the 24th to 26th. It will be fun..

Staff Tan is leaving in 3 weeks' time. Gd or bad? Not sure right now. Gotta take a look at the replacement. Hope it'll be an nsf. So we can 'eat' him. Haha..

Sunday, October 23, 2005


My first flight out ended in tragedy!!

Sick to the bone. It sucks. But it's really pilot error and some stupidity. God I didn't even do my research on how the ailerons worked. Turns out I wired it up the opposite way. It went left when I wanted it to turn right! Urgh!

Sry plane. It wasn't your fault. You tried.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Girls = Evil

Chanced upon this gem. Think it's true? Hahaha the equation says it all. Also, I made a new friend. Have a safe trip to Bangkok =)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Plane completed!

Ok, got my receiver today! And I thought it was going to be easy just fixing the receiver into the body. But no, it wasn't easy at all. I sweated buckets, until I realised that pulling onto the bloody stick wasn't gonna make it come out. Why? Cos it was expoxied to the body. And expoxy is tougher than super glue!

Ok, so I took off my polo shirt. It was pink, but that's besides the point. It was wet too.

So half naked, I got to work. I rmb something about heat being able to soften expoxy. So i got mum's hairdryer and heated up the stupid area. It worked great! I'm a smart boy. Haha, so after some sweaty moments, it finally came out.

Then another problem, I had to push the soft wire antennae of the receiver through the hollow stick which just caused me so much problems. Now the bigger problem is that the hollow stick (70cm long) has a 1cm opening, but at the end it only had a 2mm opening. I had to get the antennae (1.5mm dia) in thru the big opening and out into the small opening. I thought it was really impossible this time.

The antennae was soft and just like a small wire. And it was curly. HOW? Heh, my brain went to work again.

1. I got a needle and thread and pushed the thread into the needle or whatever u call it.
2. I dropped the needle into the big opening and shaked it till it came out of the small opening.
3. Now, with the end of the thread at the big opening, I tied it to the very edge of the antennae.
4. I pulled the antennae ever so gently thru the stick using the thread.

Haha, I think almost 90% of people won't read till here. BUT it's my blog. So no problem.

Years later, when I'm frail and forgetful, I'll once again rmb how smart gary was as a young man. =)

I'm egoistic. But not in a bad way. Hahaha

Friday, October 14, 2005

Waiting for my receiver, 40 yr old virgin

So I'm gonna get my receiver on this Sunday morn. Then some experiments and I'm ready to fly! Yes, can't wait for this day..

But then again, life is like so boring right now, my off days are spent at home! Maybe will go for a swim, but today's like a rainy gloomy day.

K, I watched the 40 yr old virgin. The main actor is one freaking major dork.. Can you imagine peeing into ur own face in the morning?! Haha, but the scene didn't really make me laugh cos john had already told me bout it. So I was kinda just expecting it to happen. Gonna ask him to shut up next time round. This is one rude show meant for us! Go watch it, and just laugh out loud. Oh, it's m18 btw. So no kids in the stall!

My week is sooo boring.

P.s. I might be going to Brunei

Sunday, October 09, 2005

My latest addition to my fleet. =)))

Hahah, I know Jw is gonna say 'not again'.. But this time, I'll make sure I fly this well. It's big! I arranged it beside my heli to give a perspective of the size of this plane. But I still can't fly it yet. I still need a receiver.. And Jw has kindly offered to go with me to get it hahaz keep ur word bud!

K, someone special wants to watch the wig.. But what kinda movie is the wig?? I have absolutely no idea.. guess I have to go search for some info online then.

Dreaming of planes, helis, and living up high in the skies..

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Spread the Love.

Haha, spread the love. Like how you spread butter onto the bread. Oh and this reminds me of a joke, it's a gd one.. Why are Aussie ladies like butter?

They spread easily.

Cue: HAhahahaHAHa

Ok. I'm probably laughing alone.

But spread the love. Spread YOUR love. Loving can be hard, but it sure doesn't die. It goes on and on. We just have to spread it.

  • I helped this lady on the mrt by giving up my seat to her, she smiles at me. Our mood instantly gets lifted up.
  • Being in a gd mood, she decides to teach her wilful daughter-in-law how to cook something decent.
  • Her D-I-L is touched and treats her older colleagues better, and they're all happier.
  • The cycle continues.
  • All these happened cos I was such a kind hearted soul. See my point?
So I make it a point to try help those in need. But of cos in army it's different la. Why do unneccsary stuff? If you cock up, they'll just point the finger at you. If you do things right, they most probably didn't notice.

To all who said "gary did it, must be him", f* you. Please get ur bloody facts right.

And Dota is really fun. Haha someone once told me her bf said dota makes a guy wish he's single. Glad I found dota then!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Sick of Friendster's unreliable shit.

Wrote a testi to someone but it didn't get thru. Wth. Whats wrong with it. Now I got no mood to even write something close to what I wrote before. The feel is just not there anymore. Pissed off with this shit.

Anyway life is gd for me now. Boss is on leave. Slack time!

Wanna go out real soon.. Don't like to stay at home now.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Am I nuts?

Am I a little nut?

Still safe in my shell?

Or do I even have a shell?

I'm wondering if I'm a nut.

Nuts are nice to eat.

I love cousin Cashew and aunty Almond.

But it sucks when they hav to go,

To the haven we call the pits.

And into the pits they went.

All jumping with joy,

From an unhappy pale to

A light golden brown.

So healthy.

So fit for eating.

I like nuts.

They're stupid.