Thursday, June 05, 2003

hihiz! im back haha.. mmm went out with rz but den it turned out not ok... she was lk always toking bout herself.... told me bout how many boys gave her what present and so on.. im lk quite speechless at how bhb some pple can get.. to think tt i had a crush on her..

actualli i told her i had a crush on her.. but den after i went out alone with her.. i realised tt she's defintely not the on e i wanna be with! haha someone lk zz's character wuld be more suitable. well hock chye and now hav sth in common. we USED to like the same gurl haha!

SAT and chinese a level coming up these few days.. i wanna try my best... really..

oh and bout the class outing with ny frens.. well i hope lots of them will turn out.. quite a simple wish really.. maybe bruce might hear me! hahah if he's still being God.