Monday, March 31, 2003

tonight my cousin came and did his sales pitch to my mum... whoa.. i think its his first job.. we really do grow older each yr.. now it's his turn to start work.. when will it be my turn? im sad... i dunno y... but lets hope things get better tml. this sars thing is really getting me down.. im so bored at home.

Sunday, March 30, 2003

hmmm juz completed my gp essay.. whoa.. tough man... but i tried my best. hope it gets gd marks~
sars is really getting serious i think...

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

todae is the 3rd dae of the 2nd term... yet tml i got skool break til april 6! its kinda sianz anyway.. cant see my frens and cant go to band haha~ kaooz its crazy cos i think i hear pple coughing everywhere i go man.. its this SARS thingy... hope it dies down and no more pple dies.. PEACE

Sunday, March 23, 2003

hiZ to MyselF~! hmmm planning to write sth to anne.. but must 1st find some time for it cos i really think its gonna take quite some time. also jus recovered my cards frm my cuzins... thing is i dunno wad to do wif em... their parents are lk so ke lian cos i think it hurts em too... anyway i haven done any hwk and i think i'm gonna hav to pia this whole week and nxt week and nxt week.... yea... this's e idea..

shit... hav to motivate myself soon... if not i think my A levels will really be a disaster! ok no more outings or fun for me... eh.. well.. maybe once every fortnight?? i try la...

Monday, March 17, 2003

maRch Hols NOW~ whoA and the band camp was really great.. had so much fun and really enjoyed it.. hmm hope zhen zhi stays in AJ.. den trumpet section will hav more life liao.. and i think ANIMADO RuLZ~~!! hahaz dAMn.. I think maybe a crush in me is developing...

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

such a LoNg tImE sonce i logged into here liAo... Skool Ish preTty hectIc now and i cant wait for the march hols~! oh i drew karin a tigger hahaz i think i am really into drawing man since tt special dae.. heheh todae got econs test too den hope i can score not too badly. my new coloUr hp hinge on this result~ Argh!!!! i wan NEW hp! actually i jus had 8310 for onli 2 mths lkdat.. but now i want the 6100~ its so cool man..

oh and i wan to tell Karin tt she is my best fren now actualli interms of wad we tell each other and other heheh private stuff??!